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A Comparative Study of Men’s Clothes in Travel Memoirs and Drawings of Safavid Period (7175 Downloads)
Intertextual relation in common Artistic Traditions and Motifs of Elamite and Achaemanid (5648 Downloads)
Interpretation of the Architectural and Musical Elements in a Common Language (5526 Downloads)
The Study of 5 Selected Works of 9th to 11th Century AD Nishapur Pottery Comparing with Minimalism Ideas (5096 Downloads)
Comparative Atudy of Turfan and Warqa – Golshah’s paintings in Seljuk Era (4992 Downloads)
A Comparative Study of Zulu Goddess and God the Father in Durban’s Mural Painting Based on Bhabha’s Third Space Theory (4432 Downloads)
The study of Courtyard Proportions in Safavid Mosques of Isfahan (3420 Downloads)
Introducing a Criteria for Comparative Research Based on Kerry Walk’s Model (2764 Downloads)
Dragon Motif and Concept in the Iranian and Chinese Textures (With an Emphasis on Safavid Era in Iran and the late Ming and Early Qing Eras in China) (2562 Downloads)
A Comparative Study of Motifs in Four Ilkhanid Mihrabs in Isfahan Province (Pirbakran Mausoleum, Oshtorjan Mosque, Haftshuyeh Mosque and Oljaito) (2448 Downloads)
A Comparative Study of Brick Kufic Inscription Construction in Five Seljuk Buildings of Isfahan (2187 Downloads)
Comparative Study of the Role of Foreign Architects in Iran’s and Turkey’s Contemporary Architecture during 1920-79PB (1300-57SH) (2160 Downloads)
A Comparative Study of the Design and Pattern Structure of Shahsevan Rugs in Iran North-west, Center and South of Iran (2113 Downloads)
Demystifying of Design Thinking and its Principles (1962 Downloads)
Motifs Used in the Art of Sistan and Baluchestan (Case Study: Ceramics, Hand-woven, Roudouzi and Jewelry) (1905 Downloads)
A Comparative- Analytical Study of Pottery Patterns of Aghkand with the Textile Patterns of 4th-6th Centuries AH (1840 Downloads)
Comparative Study in the Painting Components of Qajar Period and“Emad al-Kottab” Shahnameh (1814 Downloads)
The Effects of Socio-historical Factors in Iranian Qajar Dynasty on Development of the Nassery Era’s Ta’zieh (1729 Downloads)
Comparative Analysis of the Illumination Components of the Frontispieces in Shiraz School Manuscripts from Injuid Period to Timurid Period (1665 Downloads)
The Study of Floral Motifs in Pre-Islamic Iran and its Comparison with the Signs of Quran in 4th- 9th centuries AH (1653 Downloads)
Studying the Importance of Hunting Motif during the Early Qajar Period Based on Artistic Evidences (1520 Downloads)
The Story of “Bahram Gur and Kanizak” in the Mirror of Literature and Art (1505 Downloads)
Comparative Research of Sani ol-Molk’s Works, Raphael’s the Madonna of Foligno and the Transfiguration (1458 Downloads)
Introducing Models of Teaching for Visual Art Criticism Courses (1451 Downloads)
The Figural Composition and Subject in Iranian Miniatures: A case study of Shah Tahmasb’s Shahnama (1414 Downloads)
Paintings analysis of the “conquest of Khaybar”: Related to Timurid, Turkmen and Safavid periods (1402 Downloads)
Comparative Study of Analogous Cross Calligraphic Style by Gholam Reza Isfahani and Gholam Hossein Amir Khani (1381 Downloads)
The Action of Social Factors Affecting Formation of Iranian Modern Graphics in Qajar Era (1292 Downloads)
Comparison of paintings of Tower of Babel, miniatures of Behzad and a painting by Sahifeh Banu - similarities and differences (1289 Downloads)
A Comparative Study into “Gere Geometric Designs” in Islamic Architecture and Principle of “Perceptual Creation” in the Mystical Thoughts of Ibn Arabi (1277 Downloads)
Common Aesthetic Elements in Architecture and Music (Renaissance Case Study) (1262 Downloads)
Matching the Illuminations of three Versions of Quran Qajar Period with an Emphasis on their Visual Features (1237 Downloads)
Mohammadreza Emadi* Mohammad Taghi Ashoori **Asghar Kafshchian Moghadam (1233 Downloads)
Study of symbolic pictures of the Sun in mihrab and mihrab form Tombstones of 4th to 7th centuries of Hijri calendar (1192 Downloads)
A Semiotic Study on Social Interpretations of Hafiz Poetry Presented in the Litographic Illastrations By Mirza Ali Qoli Khoie (1171 Downloads)
A Comparative Study of the Mourning Rituals in Three Illustrations of Demot Shahnameh and Single Illustrations of Baysonghori Shahnameh (1168 Downloads)
A Comparative Visual Research between Universities’ Websites in Iran and the Other Countries (1160 Downloads)
Achievement to Solutions to Improve the Educational Conditions of Master of Arts in Illustrations (Through Comparison between the Educational Program at Tehran University and the Academy of Art in San Francisco (1153 Downloads)
The Relation between an Artist’s Contemplation on Beauty-Witnessing and Enhancing the Efficiency in the Process of Artwork Creating (1153 Downloads)
A Comparative Study of Pari and Hamoon’s Encounter (in Mehrjui’s Movies) with Lacanian Symbolic Order (1151 Downloads)
A Comparative Study of Sashiko Needlework in Japanese Kimono and Dervish Embroidery in Iranian Sufi Clothing (1121 Downloads)
A Comparative Study of Visual Features Interaction in Safavid and Mughal Acension Paintings (1121 Downloads)
Visual solutions in visualizing and legitimizing astrology in illustrated Falnama of the Safavid era (1088 Downloads)
Comparative Study of Scientific Depiction of Alhshaysh Version in Astan Quds Razavi and its Former Counterpart’s Versions (1067 Downloads)
Cinematic Thinking and Fragmentation of the Imaginary Cultural Geography (1051 Downloads)
Comparative study of Prefaces written by Doust Muhammad Gvashany Qutb al-Din Muhammad sources Safavid art (1009 Downloads)
Comparative Study of Uncertainty Characteristic in the Works of Two Contemporary Artists (Damien Hirst and Michael Borremans) (988 Downloads)
Study of Four Persian Paintings of Qajar Era according to the visual perception theory of Ernest Hanes Josef Gombrich’s (Case study: “Farhad carries Shirin’s horse on his back”) (977 Downloads)
Comparison of visual equilibrium in Nastaliq's graphic arts; Safavid and contemporary style, based on the works of Mir'emad & Amirkhani (967 Downloads)
Introduction to recognition of Iran’s zoomorphic ceramic statues during 6th to 8th centuries after Hijrah (951 Downloads)
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